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Getting injured when you’re shopping or running errands is obviously no one’s idea of fun. But these injuries happen every day across the DFW Metroplex. The Welch Law Firm is here to help.

Slip and Fall Injuries

A slip and fall is exactly what it sounds like: you fall down due to an unexpected wet spot, crack, dip, or other reason and get injured as a result of the fall.

While these types of incidents may be mocked on TV and movies, they can result in serious injuries. So serious that they result in a lifetime disability and may be worth millions of dollars in order to fairly compensate you.

Of course, slip and falls that happen in your own home are not actionable lawsuits (you can’t sue yourself). But if you are on someone’s residential or commercial property and fall due to their negligence, you may have a case. Property owners have a responsibility to take care of their property and ensure that guests are kept safe. This is why stores place those ubiquitous yellow signs warning visitors about a wet floor.

The types of injuries that result from a slip and fall vary greatly. It can be something obvious, like a broken arm or severe bruise. It can also be something not as obvious, like head trauma or a soft tissue injury. But a “hidden” injury does not make it any less important to the Welch Law Firm. These injuries require more investigation and examination, and frankly, more hard work.

When you hire the Welch Law Firm, we will reach out to all responsible parties (including insurance companies) and tell them that we’re going to fight for you.

Defective Products

All too often, companies put profits before people. They take dangerous shortcuts at some point in the production process. Defective hip implants exemplify the two most common kinds of product defects:

  • Design Defect: on metal implants have all-metal parts. When the patient walks, climbs stairs, or otherwise moves, the friction causes tiny metal fragments to enter the bloodstream. These microscopic fragments build up and cause metallosis, or metal poisoning.
  • Manufacturing Defect: To cut costs, many hip implant manufacturers used cheap, imported parts from overseas. Frequently, these components have high levels of cadmium, mercury, and other dangerous heavy metals. These substances are commonly associated with brain injuries and a number of other serious conditions.

To obtain compensation for their injuries, these victims need not prove fault or negligence. Manufacturers are strictly liable for the injuries their defective products cause.

In addition to compensatory damages, Tarrant County jurors may award punitive damages in defective product claims. These damages punish companies who don’t take safety seriously. They also deter future wrongdoing.

Dog Bite Injuries

The average animal attack injury settlement has increased significantly in recent years. That’s mostly because doctors better understand the physical and emotional injuries that these bites cause. The physical injuries include head wounds, severe lacerations, and deep puncture wounds which may cause internal bleeding. As for emotional injuries, some dog-bite victims suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder-type symptoms.

Owners are liable for damages in Texas if they knew their animals were potentially dangerous. Evidence on this point normally includes aggressive barking, sudden lunging, and other pre-bite behavior. Additionally, in a feature unique to Texas law, owners could be liable for damages if they fail to stop attacks after they begin. The Welch Law Firm knows these distinctions well.

Ordinary negligence and negligence per se could be available as well. Ordinary negligence is basically a lack of care. For example, a teacher is negligent if she allows children to play near a strange dog. Negligence per se is usually the violation of a leash law, fence law, or other animal restraint law.

Injury victims deserve financial compensation. For a free consultation with an experienced dog bite lawyer in Arlington, contact the Welch Law Firm PLLC. We routinely handle these matters in Tarrant County and nearby jurisdictions.

Other Injuries

It would be impossible to list off every other possible type of injury you could sustain as a result of the negligence of another. The bottom line is that the Welch Law Firm can help you no matter how or where you were injured.

We will be honest and upfront about your case, and it’s possible that we’ll tell you that you don’t have a case. That is what sets us apart from other personal injury lawyers. Call today to schedule a free phone, video, or face to face consultation.

Bottom line: If you have been injured as the result of someone’s wrongdoing or negligence, contact The Welch Law Firm for representation you can count on. Always free consultations.